Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who stole Christmas..?

   Grinch! you may say...or.."my neighbor".. :)) But let's try to find the real "thief"..

   We talked about the fact that in the winter we prefer to stay at home..and play free online games, and also about the puzzle game that winter plays with the colors outside.. So..let's say in general..that nature plays this all her seasons..

   But let's get back to our Christmas..that is almost here.
Look around...white landscapes..trees of sugar..crystal lakes.. This is like a story..a story that we forgot to fast..but when we were kids..this was like one of our favorite stories.. Carols..silver bells..cookies..Christmas tree..carollers.. All this help us to imagine..and then to have a perfect Christmas..

   But still..Who stole the Christmas..with each passing year it seems to me that Christmas is forgotten..and changes. We all change..but Christmas is to special for changes.. I think that this is the only holiday that really should remain the matter what.. This is the moment when all the family gathers..and when we all feel or..should feel better..better persons.
    But this days..Christmas's like..the spirit is gone..and all the magic died..
   Why? .. From my point of view..people have stolen the Christmas..the spirit of that magic Christmas that we all knew when we where little. Nowadays..people are stressed..angry..they don't have enough..enough money, enough time, enough love.. Nowadays we always want more..we hate the traffic..we blame the economic crisis for all the bad things that happen..oh! and let's not forget about the pollution..and about the environmental changes..
And if we don't blame all this..we have a boss, a neighbor, a colleague..a seagull..or the neighbor's dog.. :))
Whether we like it or not..we always find be pissed of..or..maybe being nervous is our new way of life.. :))

   Anyway..all this, led to the loss of Christmas, of Christmas spirit .. of the feelings of purity and happiness that we all would need to feel even in this time of year ..

   Let's choose some carols,  some winter songs..a Christmas tree, some decorations..some presents...Let's gather some friends..and our family..and try to feel the real Christmas spirit..

   Nobody stole Christmas.. we just stole our own by our way of being. Let's try to forget about the stress, about the problems..and feel the way we felt..when we where kids.. :). 

   Let's receive the Christmas spirit in our homes..and souls.. Christmas is here!! for everybody..

                                                                                                                  Sarah C.

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