Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who stole Christmas..?

   Grinch! you may say...or.."my neighbor".. :)) But let's try to find the real "thief"..

   We talked about the fact that in the winter we prefer to stay at home..and play free online games, and also about the puzzle game that winter plays with the colors outside.. So..let's say in general..that nature plays this all her seasons..

   But let's get back to our Christmas..that is almost here.
Look around...white landscapes..trees of sugar..crystal lakes.. This is like a story..a story that we forgot to fast..but when we were kids..this was like one of our favorite stories.. Carols..silver bells..cookies..Christmas tree..carollers.. All this help us to imagine..and then to have a perfect Christmas..

   But still..Who stole the Christmas..with each passing year it seems to me that Christmas is forgotten..and changes. We all change..but Christmas is to special for changes.. I think that this is the only holiday that really should remain the matter what.. This is the moment when all the family gathers..and when we all feel or..should feel better..better persons.
    But this days..Christmas's like..the spirit is gone..and all the magic died..
   Why? .. From my point of view..people have stolen the Christmas..the spirit of that magic Christmas that we all knew when we where little. Nowadays..people are stressed..angry..they don't have enough..enough money, enough time, enough love.. Nowadays we always want more..we hate the traffic..we blame the economic crisis for all the bad things that happen..oh! and let's not forget about the pollution..and about the environmental changes..
And if we don't blame all this..we have a boss, a neighbor, a colleague..a seagull..or the neighbor's dog.. :))
Whether we like it or not..we always find be pissed of..or..maybe being nervous is our new way of life.. :))

   Anyway..all this, led to the loss of Christmas, of Christmas spirit .. of the feelings of purity and happiness that we all would need to feel even in this time of year ..

   Let's choose some carols,  some winter songs..a Christmas tree, some decorations..some presents...Let's gather some friends..and our family..and try to feel the real Christmas spirit..

   Nobody stole Christmas.. we just stole our own by our way of being. Let's try to forget about the stress, about the problems..and feel the way we felt..when we where kids.. :). 

   Let's receive the Christmas spirit in our homes..and souls.. Christmas is here!! for everybody..

                                                                                                                  Sarah C.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Does Christmas have a spirit??

     Does Christmas have a spirit? And do we know this spirit? How do we recognize it? Does winter always come with something special? When we speak bout winter we feel the magic? 
      Winter usually comes with her strategy game.. She starts by scaring away the autumn..the sun starts to get weaker and weaker..the sky turns from blue to grey, the leaves get all that brown, yellow and red colours..and a variety of tones.. The birds go away, to the warm countries..and we all start to change our wardrobe..

     It's like a puzzle game she's playing.. At first with all that brown and yellow mixes..then slowly starts to change the puzzle in grey and black..and finally..we get to see some awesome blue..pure white..and just a little dark brown.. Now we are talking about a game that winter always wins..when she competes with the other seasons.

    She can have the brightest sun on the bluest sky..the coldest day..and the whitest image ever. This is so pure...So beautiful..  

    Personally, I like winter, but I hate that awful cold! And if I get to talk about the image that winter creates...Well, that image is outstanding..!

    The image is unique..and gives us that holiday spirit..makes us feel like a child..makes us feel pure..happy..makes us smile without a specific reason..and give presents..because we like that feeling.

    A winter night...with a full moon..some bells ringing..carollers with crystalline voices..the Christmas cookies.. 

    Does all this brings us the Christmas spirit?? Is this how we recognize the spirit? :)

                                                                                                                With love,

                                                                                                                        Sarah C.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


     I've got my things packed even my favorite 
pillow..And all the pictures and pain, I've left behind. 
    All the memories..all the good and bad..I've left behind!
    Now I've got, all the freedom and fame that I've gotta find! I have to chase the rainbows in my mind..and I will try to stay alive!
    But I wonder, how long it'll take them to notice that I'm gone.

    I need to escape this crazy life...I need to runaway! No more midnight movies, no more seagulls and dogs, no more free online games, no more clubs, cocktails and especially no more boys!! 

   No more boys..and none of their hunting or shooting games..! No more more!! Just me..and my dreams..just me myself and I!

    In the end..I was just trying to be myself, but now I know..that you have to go your way, and I-ll runaway!
Anyway..this was so typically you! at least now.. do as you say not as you do!
    I just tired of this raise..of chasing dreams that will never come true..I so tired of lies, of hypocrisy..of fake people.. I'm just tired of this big city life..or maybe of this big city..that apparently has nothing to offer.. At least for now.

     I could dream on other city..I could walk the streets of New York, I could sing for change in Paris..I could fall in love in Rome..I could meet some great boys in a red light dancer in Amsterdam.

    I can change my name..choose a family..I can loose my identity and be who I want to be!!! I can leave an American dream..or I can get lost in a Chinese neighbourhood. I can do whatever I feel like..why? because I can!!!

    Yes i can do all can do like that...we all can! We have the right and the chance to choose..maybe sometimes we don't make the best choices in life..but we still can make it right.

    Maybe I am to young to be..take in seriously..but I'm to old to believe..peoples hypocrisy. So I will try to make things make things right this time..I'll try to escape.. 

    I will runaway!! Don't know where yet..but I would prefer a quit place...a warm place..with turquoise water..with exotic fishes..with a lot of sun...sand..and shells..

                      I'll take my boyfriend..and runaway!! :) Maybe you should do the same..


                                                                                                                With love, 

                                                                                                                       Sarah C.

P.S. I am a fan of Pink.. :P


Dj Sava & Raluka feat Connect-R - Love you HD

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All the city noise..

   You managed hardly to get over your previous bad experience with that guy and you are trying to stay have some time alone, to relax and forget about all the problems that you had.
   Outside it's a cold December night and you decided to stay at home, in bad with your laptop and to watch one of your favourite movies. 
   Some aromatherapy, a glass of wine, few candles. Even your phone is on don't want to receive any bad news.        have a great time just you and yourself. 

   Nothing seems to ruin this special time you are trying to have, this special moments. Eventually is feels so good to be alone sometimes..not to bother and not to be bothered..

   But wait a minute..what's that strange noise coming from the opposite building ? Some sharp and strange noises..Never heard that before in a city..but it sounds familiar from the sea side.. Oh! calm down honey..this are your winter time neighbours. The seagulls.. Yes you know them from the sea side but during the winter they come to live in the city where can find more food..and they have some nesting right next to your building.. They sound like they are playing some kind of strategy games in order to get their neighbours insane. 
   No problem. You can turn your laptop volume a little bit louder and still enjoy your movie. You are back to your previous status: RELAXED.
   But wait a minute..what is that awful sound? You feel like you are part of a horror movie.. Oh my God! It is one of your neighbours dog..howling at the moon.! favourite movie is not Twilight and you don't have a passion for werewolves..! This dog sounds like he is not having a great time and like he is playing some escape games, trying to escape his cage and terrifying  all the people around.

  F..k! Your evening is totally ruined. No more for the relaxing more for that special moments you where spending just you and yourself..

   And now comes the big question.. What should do a lonely girl, living in a big city, in order to have some quiet moments? In order to relax and forget about all the problems that she has, about all that crazy life that waits for her outside.??

   I mean..since you choose to stay at home, alone..this doesn't mean that you want to be alone??!!! No strange noises!!!!and..NO! no neighbours that fix around the house in the middle of the night..
   Well girl..maybe it's time to change your windows!! :)) 
   But, think about all this, starting sleep and forget about everything..  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shakira - Loca ft. Dizzee Rascal

Next please...

   So you had one great night with him, but now are more than 3 days since then, and he still hasn't called.
   Maybe this is one of his strategy games. Maybe he in trying to make you crazy, to call him or to..forget about him.
   I don't want to be mean, but boys games are not like girls games. I mean we have a complicated mind, we think to much and that drives us crazy. Mean while the boys think simple: I liked her - I call her right away because I don't want to loose her. Is not like they are trying to send a coded message. In their mind everything is simple. They usually speak their mind and do as they feel. When coming about a boy we don't have to worry so much. If the says that this situation in white then probably is. If they don't call us after a one night stand, probably they wanted just a one night stand with us.
   If you are in a bad situation like don't have to worry..really girl! Raise your head, smile and move forward.   There is nothing you can do about it. If we remember, you did choose your best dress to wear, you used all your good lines and in bed you made all the right moves. Let's face it! You did played one of your best puzzle games.
   If now he choose to act like this, it is only his loss. Trust me! Maybe you will meet him again in this big and crazy city and he will realise then his loss.

   Don't get me wrong..he might be waiting for the right time to call, he might wait for a sign from you. Maybe he has this shy part that you wasn't able to see from the very beginning. O maybe he caught a flu, or had an accident or something. 
   We can find him plenty of excuses. If we want to.
   But the best thing to do, is to loose our mask, to be ourselves, to forget about the sadness, to get out from the "crime scene" - the apartment, and to live our lives. I talk about WE here, because I am sure that all of us had at least one situation like that..
   We don't have to worry to much, even if we had big expectations from the person that disappointed us. For sure..there is a reason why that person didn't remained in our life.
   So head up girl! and just say: Next please!!!

                                                                                                  With love,

                                                                                                              Sarah C.