Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About SEO Services

                          What SEO means?

   After telling you about our beginning, about the way we decided to start our own business and about how important is to "think big"; I realized that actually I was kinda rude.  Why? Because I should have started with a little story about SEO services.

          SEO meaning

   SEO aka Search Engine Optimization, represents the "art" of increasing your website page rank.
   SEO is a "package" of internet marketing techniques.
   We all know that nowadays, online businesses win the "fight" against traditional businesses.
   When it comes to online businesses, it's all about reaching the first page of the Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Bing and other search engines.

   SEO services can do that for a business.

What about the SEO services activities?

   From the beginning I must tell you that when you start an online business, when you start a website the most important step is choosing your website's name. This must be easy to remember, easy to notice and most important: must represent you website specific / your business activity.

   After choosing the best name for your website, it is important to make a good structure for your website, easy to navigate on, with representative subpage's names and with many keywords in the text body.

   You can make the website's structure alone, or along with your website designer. Your main purpose now is to attract as many visitors as possible.

   After creating a good website with good content, start to make SEO for it. This is when the "journey" to first place on the search engines pages.

   SEO services activities include link building, content writing and social media activities. 
   There are two ways  of making this SEO activities: 

  • black hat - using specific software in order to make all that specific activities.  This black hat method is actually considered spam and Google doesn't like it at all!
  • white hat - using SEO specialists / agents, to make all the specific activities. This helps a lot when it comes to uniques and well written content; and Google loves that!

   Anyhow, I must say that  SEO services are safest way to make your business one of the best!


                                                              With love,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Think BIG!

   Think big..this is the first step to success. This might be your way to success!

   I think that one day (soon I hope) I'll get to visit The Big Apple. 

   I think that our SEO Outsourcing company will get the biggest in US and after that maybe it will be the biggest in the World!

   When you have dream..dream at your best! When you hope, hope that all the good things will happen to you!

   This might sound like a cliche but is tested when you wish something strong enough, you have better chances to make that wish come true!

   We have one life..only one life! Why should we waste it on small things? Don't get me wrong. Small things make big success. Small things make us happy every day, day by day. Small and special moments make us smile and make our life a better one.

   But when it comes to dreams we need to have big ones. We have to ask life to give us her best!
   This life will guide us for sure, to beautiful moments but it will also give us suffering, hard times and moments when we will feel lost and hopeless. We all face all king of moments, but we have to keep our faith. We are not alone, even if sometimes we feel like that. We have our loved ones and more that everything we have ourselves!

   "Small people have small dreams". - I wouldn't be so hard by saying that. But I can say that if in this life you want to become somebody, if you want to remain in others memory you must have big expectations. First you need to have big expectations from you and after that from the ones near you.

   Talking a little about our business, I can say that the SEO services that our company offers, can help any business to make a big dream reality. SEO can make this happen, can make real any high expectations.

   All we have to do is to believe in our big dreams and to make everything that's necessary in order to make that dream into reality.

                  Believe in yourself...believe in your dreams and..think big!

                                                                                                      With love,
                                                                                                          C.C (aka Sarah C.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Believe in you.. now you know about the way that this year started for me and some other people that I used to call them colleagues. Wrong! I still do call them like that because we are still a team..Because we did start our own business, based on SEO services outsourcing

   We already have a few days of work at our own project..but I must tell it is not easy.

   It's not easy and is almost very hard. Like any other new beginning, ours is also hard. Some of us dropped the idea , dropped the business, some of us almost lost faith and some of us almost don't believe anymore in this business success. 

   But..who said that this will be easy? Who said that our success is guaranteed? Who said that this ain't gonna be hard? No one!

   Trust me! We all know how it is to start over. To start again building and creating. Just because SEO services offer a great perspective of development to any kind of business, doesn't mean that the clients will come running to us. At least not now. This doesn't mean it won't be hard.  But..we are fighters and survivors..! 

   When we decided to start this, we had faith in us, in the idea and we found this business a successful one. Why to loose faith that easy?

   It doesn't matter if some of us left or feel depressed, if we are strong we can still keep or faith. 

   We have to believe in us and like this eventually will make the others to do the same.

   This is not only about a business. It is about life.. We shouldn't be loosing our hope and faith..whenever something hard comes along. This is life...with goods and bads.. With success and failure. Sometimes is hard and sometimes is to damn easy.. But we always should keep on believing.

Believe in you and in your matter what!! This will bring you the success you are dreaming at.. 

                                                                                                 With love, 
                                                                                                     C.C. - alias Sarah C.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New beginning..

   Should I start by.."what Santa brought you?" or by "how was your holidays?"..I guess it is a little to late for that..but I hope that you had a good time and that you will have a great year! :)
   Ok..for myself, I'll skip the holidays part..they where great..a Christmas tree, a lot of presents, my was nice.. :) Also the new year eve brought me some great moments..
Nothing else to say about that..

    3 first day at the office..on the new year.. :)) with news... I..we where fired. All of us..the h
ole team! :)) nice!..I said. maybe it was the moment to stay at home..and sleep more.. :)))

   But..we are the "Dream team"..we wont give up that easy!! so..we start on our own.. We start our own SEO Outsourcing business.

   We have dreams, we have guts, we have some successful projects and this great opportunity.. Why not to use it? We are professionals and we have our SEO expert: Zachary Williamson to guide us and to keep our activity at the highest level.

   We know very well what SEO activity can do for any online business. If you wanna have a good page rank, if you wanna be number one on the search engines you should really think about what we are doing..about our activity.. We can help you become number one!

   We are already on Facebook..SEOBPO. Our website become to come alive..we are on the right way to success! If you want to become number one on your business domain..have a chat with us!

    Work with us..and take part to the success! Make your business successful! Our team can make "magic" things to your business..

   We believe in us..we believe in your dreams and in your business!

   We are living our new beginning.. Live with us the success!!