Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you a player?! Become one!!

    So you are all set up for the beginning of the big game.. You want a man and you will get one! 
You meet him and after a small talk you realise that you are more like the red remover game type and he is more like the type that plays shooting games
You are calm and analytical he is agitated and always looking for a little action. 
So what?! wanted a man and now you have him right in front of your card right!

      Smile..let him think that you are his type.. I know is hard and you hardly lied once or twice in your entire life.. but you prefer to play this game right or to be another alone girl in this big and crazy city..?
     I didn't think had enough loneliness.. 
     Look around in this place are plenty of single guys..but the single girls number is like..double. You don't want to take this risk. You know that New York is a city where is hard to make a decent relationship. And he is cute..he brought you in this nice bar with nice music..and hope he will pay for the drinks.. :)
    Forget about the differences between you and focus on your target. A boyfriend! glass of wine..maybe two.. 
- "Let me walk you home"..
- "Oh! do you want to come up for another glass?" 
- "Ok!..but just one more".. 
- "Oh! apartment is a mess.. " 
- "Don't worry..mine will see."

    And really girl..don't worry! About the mess about the glass, about the wine.. You both know the purpose of him coming up..He won't pay attention to any of that..He knows what he wants.. Do you?!

    Smile..act normal.. You want him..don't you?!

     From now on..this will be much easier, since you are a master in bed..this will not include to much talking and you can't pull back from what will  happen next.

    Lay back..and enjoy..but don't stand like a dead body.. I know you are nervous..but just be yourself and do your best moves..

     It's time to play some action games !!

Live It Up! - Deepside Deejays -

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Smiley feat Pacha Man - Love is for free (Official Video)

Love game...

      Ok.. so we did figure it out that at a certain moment in life we all need somebody. Somebody to sleep with, somebody to love and to love us back. But..let's face it. Life is a game. I don't refer in here at one of that free online games that create a virtual world and life. I mean real games, real life games. Since we were kids we played all kind of games, did all this childhood games had one purpose? - to prepare us for the games we where about to play when we grow?

      I can't bet on that but this might have a point. I mean every day we meet people and we do different kind of activities. We have tasks and even missions. Just like in a game. But what happens when we start to play with love. To play a love game. This might be dangerous. Ok! not only the love game can be dangerous, but all the games. Anyway, we are talking about love right now so let's stick to the love game. 

     Picture that: you meet a guy a nice guy and you would love to have more than one date, more than a one night stand. You even might feel that he is THE ONE. At this point you start to wonder: should I call him?, should I wait for his call?, should I act busy and unavailable?..should I..should I. And of course you call all your friends, meet them and talk a lot about this new guy. You even make a plan. Like a battle plan. You are very sure about what you must do about this situation and even your friends gave you some great advices. Ok you are prepared to play this game. Stick to your plan and don't listen to your feelings..those usually cause only trouble. And very important hope or even pray that HE won't play a dirty game. If so.. your hole plan must change and you must reconsider everything.

      You have your best lines, your best outfit the hair looks great and your face never looked brighter. You are ready to start the game. The first move is decisive. Good luck! but keep that in mind: this is not one of that free online games, that you used to play. It is a real life game - your game! 

              Make smart moves and win the game!

                                                                                                       With love, 
                                                                                                                    Sarah C.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big city life

   I was thinking yesterday, actually before I went to bed..what is all about this big cities?
    After my evening "ritual" of watching a few episodes of Sex and the city..I couldn't fall asleep and started to wonder..
   I do live in a big city, for some time now..more exactly 25 years, but with all this.. big cities are still a mystery to me..
   I did visit some big cities and I still dream about some.. For now, of one thing I am sure: every city is different but all they have something in common. 
   Night life, crazy people, married people, single boys, single ladies, dreamers and many other categories.
   Ok..which one of them are you? Which one of them am I? I guess I can consider myself a single lady, that dreams a lot about the perfect guy.. I have been lucky for some time, but I am not anymore.. Now I am single.. even free - you may say. Many of you can tell me..Ok!! so be happy with that!! You can always meet  new guys, you can have fun and you don't have to write any report when you come back home :) Yeah so??

   All this depends of what you really wish, and from now on I'm starting to wish something different..something special time is running away and I need to sleep with somebody and also to wake up with that person..I need love..I want to love and to be loved! - you may say I'm a dreamer.. big question will be..what it takes for a single girl in a big city to make a relationship?? As all of you might say is easy to meet guys, to have have sex with them..but what happens when you are searching for THE ONE?? When you are searching for love, respect and sincerity.. It is fun getting out with your girlfriends, danceing and drinking in a club..having fun..getting crazy..maybe after that picking a guy that looks good having some good sex with him..and that would be all.!

   But the problem is that in the morning or in the day after all that crazy fun you will be all alone. We all know how it feels to be alone especially after you had way to much cocktails.. It feels bad..very bad!!
   So..ladies..what should we do, to feel better even after a fun night..and after a great fuck...?

   What should we have someone beside this crazy big city life?

With love.. Sarah C.