Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About SEO Services

                          What SEO means?

   After telling you about our beginning, about the way we decided to start our own business and about how important is to "think big"; I realized that actually I was kinda rude.  Why? Because I should have started with a little story about SEO services.

          SEO meaning

   SEO aka Search Engine Optimization, represents the "art" of increasing your website page rank.
   SEO is a "package" of internet marketing techniques.
   We all know that nowadays, online businesses win the "fight" against traditional businesses.
   When it comes to online businesses, it's all about reaching the first page of the Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Bing and other search engines.

   SEO services can do that for a business.

What about the SEO services activities?

   From the beginning I must tell you that when you start an online business, when you start a website the most important step is choosing your website's name. This must be easy to remember, easy to notice and most important: must represent you website specific / your business activity.

   After choosing the best name for your website, it is important to make a good structure for your website, easy to navigate on, with representative subpage's names and with many keywords in the text body.

   You can make the website's structure alone, or along with your website designer. Your main purpose now is to attract as many visitors as possible.

   After creating a good website with good content, start to make SEO for it. This is when the "journey" to first place on the search engines pages.

   SEO services activities include link building, content writing and social media activities. 
   There are two ways  of making this SEO activities: 

  • black hat - using specific software in order to make all that specific activities.  This black hat method is actually considered spam and Google doesn't like it at all!
  • white hat - using SEO specialists / agents, to make all the specific activities. This helps a lot when it comes to uniques and well written content; and Google loves that!

   Anyhow, I must say that  SEO services are safest way to make your business one of the best!


                                                              With love,

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